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Presenting the right offer, to the right customer

Appressa is a financial recycling firm - we turn others discarded applications into revenue and new customer loyalty opportunities.

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Marketplace opportunity

The Time is Right for a Marketplace for Bank Declines

  • Declination Rates
  • Lost Opportunity for Revenues
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Appressa is a marketplace that turns the co-brand’s declines into a significant, incremental and long-term revenue stream.

  • Appressa logo markDeclination rates are an all-time high
  • Appressa logo markThis is a new revenue source, 100 percent incremental volume for all parties
  • Appressa logo markOur tech is the key: the right offer at the moment of consumer engagement
  • Appressa logo markPrime Card decline conversion exists today.  We are creating a new efficient marketplace to optimize conversion without data risk


Decline Marketplace Aggregator

mobile device and credit card

Appressa’s patent pending technology offers a breakthrough opportunity – efficient and scalable redirection of declined credit applications resulting in mass monetization of discarded leads.

  • mobile device and credit card

    Monetizes decline volume via a direct API library interface that connects credit criterion from a suite of sub/near prime banks.

  • bar chart

    Driven from approval/transaction (bounties on new accounts)

  • bank and finance

    To Banks is light, especially when compared to 1-1 Bank integration

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